Norwegian Life & Language-helårskurs

Norwegian Life & Language-helårskurs

Experience life in Norway and learn the Norwegian language. Trips to tourist highlights, learning by doing and friendships that will last a lifetime!.

Course length:
Full year

Course spesific:
16 hours a week

From 125.000,-

Norwegian Life & Language is our course for foreign students. You will experience authentic Norwegian culture, learn to understand and speak the language and explore Norwegian nature, towns and tourist highlights.

Multiple courses

When you choose this course you will also be able to join one of our other courses in addition. You will experience Norwegian life together with an Norwegian/International group of students and make friendships that will last a lifetime! You can either learn (by doing) about organic agriculture and self-sufficiency, become a paraglider or improve your climbing skills. Find more details about our courses our homepage on

Self development

At the Setesdal Folk High School we stimulate students to explore their passion and develop themselves through the courses that we offer. Community is important and there are many social activities during evenings and weekends. It is important for us to facilitate for all and our students have the freedom to organize activities according to their own interests. Our Folkehøgskule is surrounded by magnificent nature that offers endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts.

The line is suitable for

You have to be adventerous, interested in learning the Norwegian language and getting to know Norwegian people and culture.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Phone: +47 418 63 090 (office) or +47 418 63 093 (headmistress)


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