Norwegian language, culture and nature

Norway is a country known for its nature and culture. Our language has a common origin with the languages ​​spoken in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, among other places. Come to us and learn the language, and get to know the culture and nature of our country.

Learn the Norwegian language, and experience
Norwegian culture and nature. Trips to Svalbard,
Lofoten, Preikestolen, and with Hurtigruten.

At Setesdal Folkehøgskule you will ecperience
many famous destinations in Norway. Some of
them are a relatively short drive from the school,
but others are some distance away.
Just a few kilometers up the mountain from the
school is Brokke, with alpine center, cross-country
trails, and opportunities for hiking in the mountains.

We are planning for these trips and excursions:

There is room for a maximum of 16 students in this class.

Just a few minutes walk from school you can find a river where people who live in this area use to go swimming in summer time.



This class is suitable for you who are interested
in learning the Norwegian language this year, 
and who want to learn more about Norwegian 
culture and nature. We go on many excursions and 
trips, and you get the opportunity to try out many activities.


We want to hire a skilled teacher who also knows Norway
well, and who is used to traveling.